Get together with friends

Get together with friends

We Cater Fun Parties!

Bring your party to our home 

Whether it's a milestone birthday, a last send-off for the bride or groom, wine and champagne or for landing that new client, or old friends reconnecting over beers. The Lunch Box has it covered. Our hearty menu is sure to impress a party full of different palates.

Add to the mix a playlist of classic contemporary rock, oldies, pop and today's hits as well as an ambiance that will make you feel like you've gone to the bay area. Enjoy our backdrop of original art and wide selection of books. We house a staff dedicated to the art of hospitality and you have all the right ingredients for hosting an unforgettable gathering.

Let us create a custom event for your party of 20 or more. Consider a four-course seated lunch or dinner, a small plates reception or beers, wine, champagne and mimosas to add to any party platters. Whatever the occasion, we can take it from conception to conclusion, making it an exceptional gathering for you and your guests.

Make your next business meeting or social event a true delight, with our spectacular and affordable catering menu. Our catering offers a plethora of savory American, Italian, Mediterranean and Eastern cuisine to match any budget and any size event. Please call 559-635-8624 email us @ click here for additional catering information and download menus.